Orinoco Delta School

Indian children enjoying the
Indian children enjoying the class
In Carilat from Susanne Asal: Indianerschule in Venezuela .

Skylimit together with the Orinoco Delta Lodge joined efforts to educate the children of the Warao Indians who live in the remote area of the Orinoco river Delta in Venezuela.
However, our civilization, the oil and mineral industry as well as tourism cannot be stopped from invading the Warao Indians way of life. Therefore we feel that it is important to provide basic education to the children and young people of this community such as learning the Spanish language as well as to read and write.

We do not want to limit this education to traditional school subjects but rather teach ecological concepts with respect to nature and preservation of their environment. We also want to instruct them in the practical things of life such as making a fire, sowing, how to build a curiara which is their way of transportation, as well as proper disposal of trash.

If they do not acquire a basic knowledge of how to handle the impact of the civilization that is now around them, their ignorance will be an enormous handicap for them facing the problems of the millennium.
With the help and encouragement of many tourists visiting this region we have started this project building the School with our know-how and providing the material, but the Indians of this community contributed with their labor.
Our school
Our school
The School was opened early June but we were not prepared for the enormous demand. 75 children between 5 and 15 years of age came to register and even some adults came looking for help because they are anxious to learn how to read and write. We now therefore face the challenge of providing the funds for a second teacher, cost of boat-transfer to and from the School, budget for a midday snack, educational material and most important, additional space for teaching.

This dream cannot come true unless we can count on a continuous help from our visitors, who come to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Delta Orinoco region, but who are not blind to the reality and plight of the Warao children. Only with your help can we maintain and continue with our educational project.
In the Lodge you will find a contribution box, the content of which are carefully administrated under tight supervision and is exclusively used for this purpose.